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  • The Secrets of Renting Your First Pad
    The Secrets of Renting Your First Pad

    Do you know the answers to these questions? (If you don't, you're not ready to rent an apartment or condo!)

    What's the difference between renting and leasing, and which should you do? Planning on sharing expenses with a roommate? Who signs the rental or lease agreement? You or the other person? Does it matter? ...

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  • Saving Strategies
    Saving Strategies

    What's the key to future financial success?

    According to most financial planning experts, saving money. And the earlier you start, the better. Not only can you save now for short-term goals such as purchasing a car or other big-ticket items you'd like to have, but you can also save for college and more long-range goals.

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  • Using Credit Cards
    Using Credit Cards

    In today's marketplace, a credit card can seem a necessity as well as a convenience.

    Some transactions such as shopping online or renting a car require one.

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  • Financial Planning
    Financial Planning

    In basic terms, personal financial planning is deciding how to use your financial resources to reach specific goals.

    Common goals for students in high school, for example, include purchasing a car, computer or stereo system...

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  • Deductions In My Paycheck
    Deductions In My Paycheck

    Congratulations! You just got your first paycheck!

    But what are all these deductions?

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Articles (6 - 10 of 13 total)
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