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  • What to Know about Disaster Scams

    What to Know about Disaster Scams

    Keep your guard up

    Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, forest fires, and tornadoes happen all around us. Unfortunately, this is a prime opportunity for scammers, as they tend to follow every disaster, looking for opportunities to take advantage of those impacted by the disaster, or those willing to help those impacted.

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  • Options: Saving For College

    Options: Saving For College

    Create your own savings plan!

    As a student, why save for college or other career education? Particularly, if your parents already have a college savings plan?

    Having your own savings plan makes sense for several reasons.

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  • Invisible Advertising Targets You (Some More)

    Invisible Advertising Targets You (Some More)


    Remember our video and articles about "Invisible" or Native Advertising a couple of months ago? You know, the move by advertisers to trick us into thinking one-sided advertising is actually balanced information? Or thinking that "sponsored" content, such as an "educational" article or entertaining video, is not advertising.

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  • Credit Card Phishing

    Credit Card Phishing

    Think about renaming your dog!

    You're sitting around when you get a call from someone who says they are with your credit card company's fraud department. There's been "suspicious" activity on your account.

    Because you are very smart, you know scam artists make calls like this and start questioning the caller.

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