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  • 21st Century Skills? Sneak Peek Into 10 Future Job

    21st Century Skills? Sneak Peek Into 10 Future Job

    Professions of the future

    Critical thinking. Communication. Collaboration. Creativity. Four words that summarize the skills that can really help you prosper in the 21st century! As society and technology changes, working conditions also change and so do the professions of the future.

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  • Scary Online Scams… Car Buying!

    Scary Online Scams… Car Buying!

    What went wrong?

    Say you're in the market for a used car, and you do your research well. Clever as you are, you check not just eBay or Auto Trader, but also Yahoo! Autos, Craigslist and independent web-ads for cars with the features and price that fits your budget.

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  • FaceBook & MySpace... Wicked!

    FaceBook & MySpace... Wicked!

    Use these sites safely.

    Social networking sites are great places to keep in contact with friends, develop relationships and meet new people in interesting places.

    But, there's a huge downside to these sites, also.

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  • 5 Cards & Free Goodies

    5 Cards & Free Goodies

    Sound too good to be true?

    How many "free" credit cards do you have right now? How many times has somebody on campus or in your mail tried to push a "free" credit card on you?

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