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  • Internet of Things: All Your Devices Are at Risk

    Internet of Things: All Your Devices Are at Risk

    One big connected digital environment

    You already know that your home is becoming one big connected digital environment, right?

    For example, you can now set room temperatures at home from work, so it is nice and toasty—or cool—when you get home. Nice!

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  • Thinking Ahead: Buying a Home

    Thinking Ahead: Buying a Home

    Huge return on investment!

    In less than 30 minutes on this website you can learn enough about the mortgage and homebuying process to improve your future financial life. 30 minutes of work that will generate 30 years of benefit. Now, that's a huge return on a small investment!

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  • Maintain Your Beauty!

    Maintain Your Beauty!

    She will love you for it.

    Whether your wheels are brand-new, a used vehicle new to you, or a ten-year-old family hand-me-down, maintaining your vehicle properly can keep it running trouble-free and looking good.

    Taking a few minutes and a few dollars to treat your ride right can save you lots of money.

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  • Under 30? Got Health Insurance Yet?

    Under 30? Got Health Insurance Yet?

    Get this right!

    Even if you are the healthiest young person in the world, the law now requires that you must have "minimum essential" health insurance coverage.

    Deadline approaching: You have to be enrolled in an approved insurance plan by March 31, 2014. If you don't have coverage, and don't have the right excuse for not having that coverage, you will have to pay a tax penalty.

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